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This is an example of partial content of our small group meetings . . . 

Key Points

1. Paul's Exhoration: "Having gifts . . . let us use them."
--Differing gifts. See verse 4b. 
--According to the grace given to us. See verse 3b. See 1 Cor 15:10 "By the grace of God I am what I am."
2. Examples of God's grace gifts are found in verses 6-8.
--Paul's Examples include 2 categories of gifts--speaking gifts and serving gifts. Speaking gifts: prophecy, teaching, exhortation; Service gifts: serving, giving, leading (administration), mercy.
--Speaking Gifts:
Prophecy. See 1 Cor 14:3, 24-25 for the purpose of the gift of prophecy, or speaking forth the truth of God's Word. Warning: See Deuteronomy 18:20-22 and Jeremiah 23:9-40 for God's statements re: false prophets.
Teaching. This involves teaching to others what the Scripture says. The person with this grace gift is able to identify the main points of a given text of Scripture and accurately convey its meaning to others. James Montgomery Boice considered this gift "the preeminent gift of pastors" (Romans, Vol 4, 1586). Ephesians 4:11 and 1 Corinthians 12:28 list apostles, prophets, and teachers as separate gifts given to the Church. Charles Hodge explained their differences, “The point of distinction between them [prophets] and the apostles, considered as religious teachers, appears to have been that the inspiration of the apostles was abiding, they were the infallible and authoritative messengers of Christ; whereas the inspiration of the prophets was occasional and transient. The latter differed from the teachers, inasmuch as these were not necessarily inspired, but taught to others what they themselves had learned from the Scriptures or from inspired men” (Romans, 389).
Exhortation: The Greek term, parakalon, is the same word used by Paul in Rom 12:1, and the same word describing the Holy Spirit and His ministry in John 14-16. The word means to come alongside in order to encourage or comfort one to do something. This gift is important and needed. If God has given you this gift, use it as a force for comfort and encouragement to everyone else! Charles Hodge described the difference between teaching and exhortation, “Teaching is addressed to the understanding; exhortation to the conscience and feelings” (Romans, 392). Geoffrey B. Wilson noted, “These must always go together , for if teaching gives exhortation its content, exhortation gives teaching its force” (Romans, 202).
--Serving Gifts:
Serving. EXP: This is the Greek word from which we get the English word deacon--diakones. It is sometimes translated as "ministry." Though it could refer to the ministry of the Word, here we should think of the term in broad terms. We all have the responsibility to do this, but those who are specifically  gifted for this must set the pace. We should be patient with one another, look for ways to meet one another’s needs, avoid being condescending and judgmental in non-constructive ways. Because we are united in Christ in one Body, ministry to one another is ministry to the Body of Christ—and we all benefit. APP: The ESV says “in our serving”; the NIV says, “If it is serving, let him serve.” We need those with this gift to be exemplary to all of us. SDG. ILL: Acts 6:1-7. READ.
Generosity. EXP: The Greek metadidous means to give, to share with someone. It is to be done in sincerity, generously, liberally. “It refers to openhanded and openhearted giving out of compassion and a singleness of purpose, not from ambition” (Rogers and Rogers, 339). APP: We are all to give. But if God has gifted you with the resources and the heart to give, do it with simplicity and do it faithfully for the glory of God and the upbuilding of the Body.
Administration/Leading. EXP: proistamenos—to preside. With zeal. With diligence and not negligence (Wilson, 202). Consider what it means that the Holy Spirit inspired Paul to call for zeal in leadership, not passivity. APP: If you have leadership or responsibility over any particular aspect of this local church, do it diligently! ILL: 1 Cor. 10:31—“do all for the glory of God.”
Mercy. EXP: eleon—probably refers to those who are caring for the sick or vulnerable or aged. This gift is characterized by cheerfulness. What a kind instruction from our Lord! APP: If you are gifted for merciful care of those who are suffering, do not do so out of duty but in kindness and cheerfulness—we get our word hilarious from the Greek word used here. Bring joy to this ministry!
Application Questions
1. Do you believe you are gifted to speak? To serve? Which of Paul's examples of grace gifts do you have?
2. Are you speaking? Serving?
3. Do you take particular joy or feel particularly compelled to speak or serve in the ministry of DRBC?
4. Are you regularly reading your Bible? Praying? Are you in a group that intentionally includes accountability?
5. Have you ever completed a spiritual gifts inventory or any tool designed to help you identify and understand your gift(s)?
6. Does the Lord want one or two members of the Body of Christ to be active for His glory? Or does He intend for every member to perform a function according to the grace/faith that He has granted? Are you active in ministry? How?

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This coming Lord's Day, our Bible study classes will meet at 9:15 am (informal fellowship time), with the lesson beginning at 9:30 am. Our Fundamentals of the Faith study is scheduled to review Lesson 4 on the Person of Jesus Christ and to move into Lesson 5 on the Work of Jesus Christ. Let's plan to have our workbook lessons complete through lesson 5. The memory verse for lesson 5 is 1 Corinthians 15:3-4. The sermon to listen to/read can be found at www.gty.org/fof. If you prefer, there are discs at the church building with the sermon audio. All are welcome--we have books at the church. They cost $10 each. Michael Klos will be out, so I will be leading the session. Also, the kids will continue their study in the Generations of Grace curriculum. 
Let's use the TrueLife.org invitation/evangelism cards. We have them on the table near the door. These are great conversation starters, but even if you don't get to have a Gospel conversation, the cards provide basic info about DRBC and supply the web address for information regarding the Gospel.
Last week's International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church was a great reminder that we have brothers and sisters all over the world who are facing persecution that is often physically violent. We should be in prayer continually. I plan to regularly include a prayer request in these emails from the Voice of the Martyrs prayer calendar. For this week, let's pray for Muslim background believers who are facing intense persecution in Oman. May the Lord uphold them and grant them love for their persecutors. May He grant them (and us) boldness to make the gospel clear.
We are planning a Thanksgiving Fellowship at DRBC on Sunday, November 22 at 1:30 pm. This seems to be the day when the most people would be available to participate. Stay tuned for more instructions from our Hospitality Committee. 
Also keep in mind the Ladies' Christmas Tea on Saturday, December 12 at the DRBC building beginning at 2 pm. Sue Solstad is the contact for this, and she writes,
"Please invite your friends and neighbors to join us for DRBC Ladies' Christmas Tea on Saturday, December 12 at 2 pm.
We'll celebrate the birth of our Savior with warm fellowship, sweet treats and joyful music.
We will also exchange ornaments so everyone has a memory for years to come.
Tickets are $5.00 each and should be purchased in advance.
We would still like 1 or 2  more ladies to hostess a table for 8.
For tickets or hostess information please contact Sue Solstad."
Sword School this week will cover questions 89 and 90. Let's remember to study/memorize verses that are listed with the answers to the questions. Here is a link to the catechism that we are using: A Catechism for Boys and Girls.
DRBC Offering Report
November 1, 2015
Regular Offering                                $2610.04
VOM Persecuted Church Offering           $80.00
Total                                                $2690.04
Weekly Undesignated Receipts needed for 2015 Budget:               $1748.94
Monthly Undesignated Receipts needed for 2015 DRBC Budget:  $7875.74
Amount in DRBC accounts at State Bank of S. Utah as of November 5, 2015: $91,431.49
Soli Deo Gloria!

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Sunday, November 1, 2015 is the National Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. We plan to view a DVD presentation together, have a special prayer for our persecuted brothers and sisters, and then receive a special offering to be sent to the Voice of the Martyrs for the relief and support of persecuted Christians. May the Lord be glorified and may our brothers and sisters everywhere be encouraged!
We also have a Reformation Day celebration scheduled for Saturday, October 31 at the DRBC building beginning at 7 pm. We will watch a movie together. I had originally planned for a movie on the life of Charles Spurgeon, a pastor in the Reformation tradition, but removed from the Protestant Reformation itself by 3 centuries! But that was my plan B, since I could not find a copy of the 1953 classic movie about Martin Luther. However, Steven Criss and Brian Wilson have got us all set up, so we plan to watch the movie about the life of Martin Luther. We will have a kid-friendly movie for the little ones in the back room. Everyone bring your favorite movie snacks. The church will provide drinks and ice. Lots of kids everywhere will be getting some candy on that night, so if you would like, feel free to distribute some candy to kids (and/or pastors). I look forward to this time of fellowship!
This coming Lord's Day at 9:15am, our Fundamentals of the Faith study is scheduled to get started with lesson 4 on the Person of Christ. Let's plan to have our workbook lessons complete through lesson 4. The sermon to listen to/read can be found at www.gty.org/fof. If you prefer, there are discs at the church building with the sermon audio. All are welcome--we have books at the church. They cost $10 each. Also, the kids will continue their study in the Generations of Grace curriculum. 

Let's take advantage of the TrueLife.org invitation/evangelism cards. We have them on the table near the door. These are great conversation starters, but even if you don't get to have a Gospel conversation, the cards provide basic info about DRBC and supply the web address for information regarding the Gospel.

As we are going through Romans 12, consider ways to serve others. There are lots of possibilities, including where we sit in the service, where we park, offering encouraging words, etc. For example, since families with little ones can benefit from sitting near the nursery/cry room, a way to serve them would be to leave the seats nearest the nursery/cry room for them! The guest speaker at our men's breakfast earlier this month suggested that we leave the seats in the back near the door for guests, since that is typically where guests like to sit (not always, but often). So, let's think about these simple ways to serve others for the glory of God alone!
DRBC Offering Report--October 2015 (Thank you, Amanda!)
October 4
Designated/Non-budget60 (for pizza at CCBA Ex Bd meeting on 10/15/15)
Undesignated: 2516
Total: 2576

October 11
Designated/Non-budget: 895 (Pastor Appreciation) + 10 (York Dilllman) = 905
Undesignated: 1617.44
Total: 2522.44
October 18
Designated/Non-budget: 420 (York Dillman)
Undesignated: 2134
Total: 2554
October 25
Designated/Non-budget: 0
Undesignated: 1515.90
Total: 1515.90
Total Designated/Non-budget: 60 + 905 + 420 = 1385
Total Undesignated: 2516 + 1617.44 + 2134 + 1515.90 = 7783.34
Total: 9,168.34
Weekly Undesignated Receipts needed for 2015 Budget:               $1748.94
Monthly Undesignated Receipts needed for 2015 DRBC Budget:  $7875.74
Amount in DRBC accounts at State Bank of S. Utah as of October 29: $93,435.96.
Soli Deo Gloria!


First, Thank you to our DRBC Family for making me and my family feel so appreciated not only during Pastor Appreciation month but always! You are a blessing to us! Your generous gift is so helpful and encouraging! From Hope, Whit, Jack, Zoe, and me . . . We love you!

Our Fundamentals of the Faith class is scheduled for 9:15 am over lesson 3. Let's plan to have our workbook lessons complete through lesson 3. The sermon to listen to/read can be found at www.gty.org/fof. If you prefer, there are discs at the church building with the sermon audio. All are welcome--we have books at the church. They cost $10 each. Michael Klos will be gone this weekend, but I will stand in. I look forward to it!
The class for the young ones is Generations of Grace, with a class for ages 3-7 taught by Jennee Klos, and a class for ages 8-12 taught by Hope Waldrop. The class covers basic Bible doctrine.
We will have a brief business meeting during the service for information related to the UISBC meeting next week in Twin Falls, ID.
Tomorrow morning, October 17, we will have a men's breakfast beginning at 9 am. If you haven't contacted me about attending yet, we still have a couple of openings, but please let me know by this evening if you plan to come. We will hear a presentation on leadership from Kenneth Priest with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. This is the group that has supplied the majority of the funding for Collin Day's internship with the Color Country Baptist Association.
Please consider the York-Dillman State Missions Offering. This offering goes toward ministry among Southern Baptist churches in Utah and Idaho. DRBC has been the recipient of funding assistance for ministry and missions from this very fund. May the Lord lead each of us to give according to His will.
We have several baby bottles on the table near the front door of the church building. These are for filling up with coins to support the Hope Pregnancy Care Center. The idea is to fill them up and then take them to the "Steps for Hope" event on October 22, 2015 at Tonaquint Park 600 West Dixie Drive, St. George 5:00-7:15 p.m. Hope Pregnancy Care Center is committed to sharing the gospel as part of their counsel to those involved in unexpected pregnancies.
The first meeting of the Dammeron Valley Bible Study went very well last night! We had 11 local folks (15 total) at this introductory meeting. Zach Thomas led the study on introductory issues of 1 John. Pray for Collin Day and Zach Thomas as they work together in leading this group. There is no Gospel-preaching church in that area. May the Lord's will be done!
In order to prepare for corporate worship this coming Lord's Day, read Romans 12:3-8. This passage begins Paul's explanation of what it looks like to put into practice what is described in Romans 12:1-2. The analogy Paul uses is a body; many members that make up one body--the Body of Christ! We do not all have the same function, but we all have the same purpose, and we all approach the function that we have with the same attitude. The Lord chooses and equips His people for the roles He assigns. We are to be faithful. God gives spiritual gifts to aid His people in accomplishing God's will. In our passage, we have gifts related to speaking and gifts related to serving. To which of these do you find yourself drawn, compelled and enabled supernaturally to participate: prophecy, teaching, exhortation, service, giving, leading (administration), mercy? May the Lord use all of us according to His plan! Thank you, Lord, for the spiritual gifts that you give to your people to be used for your glory and our blessing!
DRBC Offering Report
October 4, 2015
Offering Receipts: 2576.00
October 11, 2015   
Offering Receipts: 1627.44  
Weekly Undesignated Receipts needed for 2015 Budget:               $1748.94
Monthly Undesignated Receipts needed for 2015 DRBC Budget:  $7875.74
Soli Deo Gloria!

Here is an example of the kinds of discussion points and application questions in our small group meetings.

Here are key points and application questions from Rom 12:2 . . . 
The Active and Appropriate Response to Paul's Appeal (in 12:1)
1. Conformity to this world/age is prohibited.
--The word for "conformed" has the root from which we get the English word "scheme." The idea is "don't let this world/age squeeze you into its mold" (from JB Phillip's translation).
--World/Age means the patterns of this sin-fallen world, which fallen humanity both helps to perpetuate and to which we easily and naturally give in.
2. Rather, transformation by the renewal of the mind is commanded.
--Word for "transformed" is the root from which we get our word "metamorphosis." 
--In this case, the transforming effect of regeneration on the mind/understanding/intention is in view. The renewal of the mind refers to the change in the believer's worldview. Before, self was first; now God and being related to Him in such a way that He is glorified is the orientation of the born again mind. We now think toward His glory.
3. The result is that by testing, we may discern the will of God!
--What a blessing! This means that through obedience, through the experience of living out the refusal of conformity to the patterns of this world/age, and the pursuit and celebration of the mind-changing transformation of the new birth, we will understand more and more the will of God, which is holy, acceptable, and perfect. In other words, as we line up our words, thoughts, and deeds with the reality of the effects of regeneration, we will see and experience and "discern" the will of God in our lives!
Application Questions
1. What are every day examples of the way we can be tempted to be conformed to this world/age?
2. What do we have to do in order to be conformed to this world/age?
3. Since transformation by the renewal of the mind is a result of regeneration, would it make sense to try and get unregenerate people to avoid conformity to this world/age and to act transformed in their words, thoughts, and deeds? If not, what must be our message to those who are not born again? (The gospel)
4. Since you've been saved, can you think of any examples of how you have stopped something that is considered "normal" by this sinful world/age? Can you think of any examples of something that you have started doing that is not considered "normal" by this sinful world/age since you were saved?
5. What is the value of discerning the will of God?
6. Have you had an experience in which you obeyed God's Word and then later understood how that was related to the will of God?
Soli Deo Gloria!


As we anticipate our corporate worship meeting coming up on the Lord's Day, let's reflect on Paul's appeal to the believers in Rome to present their bodies as a living sacrifice. To be more specific, let's ask ourselves: are we presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice? Are your thoughts, words, and actions holy and acceptable to God? Remember, these questions reflect normative Christianity. These questions reflect what is appropriate and even necessary in response to God's mercy toward His elect.
This coming Lord's Day, we have the opportunity, Lord willing, to think seriously about the appropriate and active response to Paul's appeal. Romans 12:2 gives us the general commands that address how it is that we are to respond to the appeal in Romans 12:1. Look at the direct commands of Romans 12:2. Note the wonderful result--that you will "discern what is the will of God!" That's wonderful! But it only comes about "by testing" which comes from avoiding conformity to the world and the transformation that comes by the renewing of our minds through obedience to God.
Let's be looking for ways to serve God in the reasonable, rational, spiritual, logical service/worship for which Paul was appealing in Romans 12:1.  This service to God certainly includes serving one another. One of the areas of service that is available is the ministry to our congregation of cleaning the building. We have a couple of openings for those interested in serving in this way. The sign-up list is on the table by the door at the building.
Sword School questions this week: 80 - 82.
I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Last week's sermon text has me noticing opportunities that I have during the routine of everyday life to present my body as a living sacrifice!May the Lord be glorified as we live for His glory with attitudes and actions that are holy and acceptable to Him! Remember, we only have this ability to offer our "logical service" to God because of the Person and Work of Christ! 
This coming Lord's Day at 9:15am, our Fundamentals of the Faith study is scheduled to complete lesson 2 and then get started with lesson 3. Let's plan to have our workbook lessons complete through lesson 3. The sermon to listen to/read can be found at www.gty.org/fof. If you prefer, there are discs at the church building with the sermon audio. All are welcome--we have books at the church. They cost $10 each. Thank you, Michael K for your leadership. Also, the kids will continue there study in the Generations of Grace curriculum. Thank you, Hope, Jennee, and Cindy for your leadership in that class.
Please consider the York-Dillman State Missions Offering. This offering goes toward ministry among Southern Baptist churches in Utah and Idaho. DRBC has been the recipient of funding assistance for ministry and missions from this very fund. May the Lord lead each of us to give according to His will.
We have several baby bottles on the table near the front door of the church building. These are for filling up with coins to support the Hope Pregnancy Care Center. The idea is to fill them up and then take them to the "Steps for Hope" event on October 22, 2015 at Tonaquint Park 600 West Dixie Drive, St. George 5:00-7:15 p.m. Hope Pregnancy Care Center is committed to sharing the gospel as part of their counsel to those involved in unexpected pregnancies.
Let's take advantage of the TrueLife.org invitation/evangelism cards. We have them on the table near the door. These are great conversation starters, but even if you don't get to have a Gospel conversation, the cards provide basic info about DRBC and supply the web address for information regarding the Gospel. At the North American Mission Board meeting I was attended on Monday evening in Salt Lake City, I was again reminded of the Great Commission! Even our unity in Christ has an "outreach" purpose. In John 17:21 our Lord Jesus, God the Son, prayed to God the Father, "that they [believers] may all be one . . . so that the world may believe that You have sent Me." So let's pursue this unity within DRBC, and let's do so with a Great Commission purpose of making disciples! And let's use these cards to help us do that!
DRBC Men, you are invited to a Men's Breakfast at DRBC on Saturday, October 17, 9am to about Noon. We will hear a presentation on leadership/groups from Kenneth Priest with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. The SBTC is partially responsible for the grant providing for Collin Day to be here serving as a ministry intern with the Color Country Baptist Association. Please let me know if you can attend. An email response would be perfect. Thanks.
Thank you to all who have helped others in our congregation recently, through various ways. Another opportunity is this coming Saturday, October 10. If you are able to help Zach and Jessica Thomas and kids with their move from Veyo into St. George, please contact them. Also, thank you to Steven Criss and Brian Wilson (and others) for your work on the audio/visual stuff at DRBC! The sermons are now on-line and can be accessed at desertridgebaptist.org or through the DRBC videos channel on youtube.com
Remember that there will be a very brief members meeting during the service on October 18 regarding the UISBC annual meeting October 20-21 in Twin Falls, ID. Let's be in prayer for that meeting.

Soli Deo Gloria!

As we approach the Lord's Day and our corporate worship meeting, let's prepare our hearts. We will be hearing from Jim Bonney a brief presentation on Sola Gratia (Grace Alone), the doctrine that explains that salvation is of the Lord and not by works. This was one of the 5 "solas" of the Reformation, along with Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone), Sola Fide (Faith Alone), Solus Christus (Christ Alone), and Soli Deo Gloria (To the Glory of God Alone). Taken together, these slogans that emerged from the 16th Century Protestant Reformation announce the doctrinal reality that Our final authority for faith and practice, Scripture Alone, tells us that salvation is by Grace Alone through Faith Alone in Christ Alone, to the Glory of God Alone! Each of these "solas" represented a doctrinal clash with the Roman Catholic Church. By reading Scripture, the Reformers understood the message of salvation, and called for a return to the Bible. The 5 Solas represent the doctrinal heritage of the Reformation, and I rejoice in that heritage of Truth!
The sermon text is scheduled to be Romans 12:1-2. This represents the application of the doctrinal truths revealed in Romans 1 - 11. Romans 12 - 16 include instruction on how we ought to live in light of the Gospel. As you prepare to worship the Lord with brothers and sisters this coming Sunday, Read over Romans 11:32- 12:2. Note the word "therefore" in Romans 12:1. This attaches the call for obedience to the rich doctrinal truth that Paul had been explaining. Ask yourself if you are purposefully offering your body as a living sacrifice to God. Are you living for His glory or your comfort and well-being? Are you using your body for service to the Lord that is holy and acceptable to Him? Have you ever thought about what the last phrase in Rom 12:2 means . . . "that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect?" Let's prepare for our worship together by considering how our pursuit of transformation through the renewing of our minds rather than conformity to the world results in the experience of accepting as proven the will of God? In other words, obedience will continually confirm God's will for His creation--which Paul had described in Romans 1 - 11! Putting the doctrinal truth of Romans into practice will result in discernment and confirmation of the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God! Praise the Lord!
Sword School questions this week will be 77-79.
Soli Deo Gloria!


Isn't it wonderful to live in the reality of the Glory of God! The knowledge that our Creator (Who is far beyond and above us in His essence) is present with us as the Source, Sustainer, and End of all things is the greatest possible encouragement! Every circumstance we face is under His control and is a tool of God for bringing about His plan--which is His glory and our good (Rom 8:28-29)! Praise the Lord! Let's live out the reality of this wonderful Truth with joy!
This coming Lord's day, our Fundamentals of the Faith class, led by Michael Klos, will be from lesson 2 in the workbooks. So, by this coming Sunday at 9:15 am, let's have listened to the sermon associated with the lesson, "How to Study the Scripture" by John MacArthur. You can find the sermon audio and transcript at http://www.gty.org/fof. I encourage everyone to go through this course over the basic doctrines of Christianity, including our youth, but preschool through 6th grade have a class called Generations of Grace available for them, led by Hope Waldrop, Jennee Klos, and Cindy Voorhis.
I encourage you to take advantage of the small groups and men's/women's groups that are meeting at DRBC. The men's group meeting on Tuesdays at 6:30 am is currently studying the topic, "How to Study the Bible." It has been a helpful study! There is another opportunity for men on Saturday mornings at 9 am at the building (but the group is not meeting this coming Saturday, Oct 3), covering church history, an informative study. On Saturday, October 17, there will be a men's breakfast at 9 am, after which Kenneth Priest from the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention will address the men concerning leadership.
The ladies also have multiple opportunities, with a Tuesday study called "Cookies on the Lower Shelf: Putting Bible Reading within Reach," led by Shirley Brown, 10 am to Noon, a study on the book of James on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month led by Marcy Klos at her home, and a Friday evening study (through November 16) on Faith at the building at 6:30 pm led by Aurora Bernstein. 
Beginning last Sunday and over the next 4 Sundays, we plan to briefly cover each of the 5 Solas of the Reformation (sola is a Latin term that means only or alone--I think the plural would actually be solae in Latin). The last Sunday in October is Reformation Sunday, on which day it is appropriate to thank the Lord for the emphasis on the gospel that the Protestant Reformation brought about. The 5 Solas are 5 Latin phrases that summarize the doctrinal emphases of the Reformation. The Reformation was a response to the doctrinal emphases and practical outworking of these in the Roman Catholic Church. Each of these is meant to summarize the Word of God on the stated subject, as against what had become the norm in the Roman Catholic Church. The 5 Solas are . . .
Sola Scriptura -- Scripture alone is our authority for faith and practice.
Sola Gratia -- Salvation is by grace alone.
Sola Fide -- Salvation is through faith alone.
Solus Christus -- Salvation is in Christ alone as the object of saving faith.
Soli Deo Gloria -- All of this is to the Glory of God Alone!
This coming Lord's Day, we will hear a brief presentation from Jim Bonney on Sola Gratia. I look forward to hearing about the grace of God!
We have received close to 100 boxes of children's ministry supplies from many different Southern Baptist churches from 17 states (at last count) through the Christmas in August missions support program of the Girls in Action classes in these churches. Wow! Marcy Klos has provided leadership in getting these supplies sorted for use. Anyone interested in helping with the sorting and cataloging these gifts, please contact Hope or Marcy. I plan to spend some time even today getting the boxes from my house to the church building.
A great opportunity to invest in gospel ministry in Utah and Idaho is the York-Dillman State Missions Offering for the Utah-Idaho Southern Baptist Convention. DRBC has benefited from funds from this offering through assistance with ministry events. I encourage you to contribute to this offering. We will be taking it up through the end of October.
We have baby bottles on the table near the door of the church building that you can take and fill up with coins to benefit the Hope Pregnancy Care Center. I love ministries like this, because they represent action that can be taken in opposition to abortion. It is right to stand against abortion, but the appropriate complement to that is gospel based ministry to those who might consider abortion. This will culminate with the Steps for Hope event, October 22, 2015 at Tonaquint Park 600 West Dixie Drive, St. George from 5:00-7:15 p.m. The theme is Abundant Life.
Finally, we plan to have a meeting for those involved in or interested in serving as ushers/greeters. This meeting is scheduled for this coming Sunday, October 4, about 10 minutes after the service is over. Jim Bonney provides leadership for us in this area, so see him or me if you have questions.
Soli Deo Gloria!
I am excited about one more sermon from the "doctrinal" section of Romans. Lord willing, this Sunday I plan to preach from Romans 11:32, which is the summary of the theology of Paul's letter to the Romans. The truth in that statement contains the general framework for a systematic theology that is faithful to the Truth of God's Revelation in the Bible. 
In preparation, look back over the main points of Romans 1 - 11. Consider the theme verses of the book, Romans 1:16-17. Review the flow of thought throughout the chapters leading to Romans 11:32, and consider the following themes: the universality of human sinfulness, justification by faith with Abraham as an example, substitutionary atonement, death in Adam and life in Christ, dead to sin and alive to God, the law and human sinfulness, the life-giving Spirit of God, security and future glory, Gentile pagan heritage and Israel's informed unbelief as consistent with the redemptive plan of God, and God's sovereignty in redeeming a people for Himself! Rejoice that the doctrinal culmination of Romans 1 - 11 is that God might have mercy on all!
We plan to observe the Lord's Supper. Examine yourself in light of God's grace in Christ. Are you living for His glory? Are you living in such a way that unbelieving Israel (or any unbelievers) would be provoked to jealousy by your life? Are your harboring grudges or are you struggling to love any of your brothers and sisters in Christ? Let's all be relentless as we prepare to obey the Lord's command to remember His sacrifice in the observation of the Supper. 
Sword School questions this week are 74-76.
Soli Deo Gloria!

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I praise the Lord for fellowship with His people! This past Labor Day Weekend was a wonderful time of fellowship, both in our worship meeting together and at the picnic on Sunday afternoon. Thank you to everyone who participated. It is clear to me that we need to have events like this more often.

I also rejoice over the beginning of a couple of classes this past Lord's Day. The adults/youth began the Fundamentals of the Faith, and the children got started on Generations of Grace. I am asking all of our adults/youth to go through the Fundamentals class, as this was one of the first studies that we went through when we got to St. George in 2011. So, most of us haven't been through this awesome study on basic Christian doctrine. The first few lessons will be focused on God's special revelation of Truth, the Bible. Michael Klos is leading the class. The Generations of Grace class is led by Hope Waldrop and Jennee Klos. Let's pray for these teachers as they serve for God's glory and our blessing. Last week was introductory, so even if you weren't there, please come this coming Sunday! We are asking for $10 per book for the Fundamentals of the Faith class, but please don't let this be a hindrance.
We are back to handing out DRBC/TrueLife.org cards! This is a great tool for inviting folks to DRBC, and in some cases, can lead to Gospel conversations. The back of each card points folks to TrueLife.org where they can see videos addressing common questions about Christianity. So, let's put the cards in the hands of people who need to hear the Truth of the Gospel! 
This coming Lord's Day, we plan to observe the Lord's Supper, praising God for the salvation accomplished for His people in the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus. The Supper is a powerful testimony to the Gospel, and our obedience in observing it is a tangible connection to brothers and sisters through the centuries going back to the Lord's command, "Do this in remembrance of Me" (Luke 22:19). It is appropriate as we prepare to observe the Lord's Supper together that we examine our hearts, seeking to identify anything that would dishonor the Lord. This includes relationships with others, especially brothers and sisters in Christ. Let's make sure that there is nothing that hinders our worship of the Lord through the Lord's Supper, asking the Lord to bring conviction on us for anything that we need to do to have unhindered fellowship with Him and with one another. 
Please pray for my family as we will be traveling to visit family for a few days. We plan to leave Sunday after the worship service and to return near the end of the next week. David Bernstein will be preaching on September 20, so please pray for him as he prepares to serve in this way.
I hope to see everyone involved in small groups and in men's/women's groups. For small group info, email Rodger Tracy atrodger.tracy@nwi.net or David Bernstein at ChosenbyGodinChrist@gmail.com. David has info regarding men's groups as well. For questions about the Ladies' Group, email Hope Waldrop at mikeandhope94@gmail.com or Marcy Klos at marcy@klos.com
DRBC Offering Report
September 6 Receipts    $4223.00
Weekly Undesignated Receipts needed for 2015 Budget:               $1748.94
Monthly Undesignated Receipts needed for 2015 DRBC Budget:  $7875.74
Soli Deo Gloria!
What a privilege it is each week to experience a taste of eternity as we gather in fellowship to celebrate and worship and reverence our great God! It is a step toward the culmination of that very thing that our Lord instructed us to pray, "Our Father, Who is in Heaven, Hallowed by Your Name!"
This coming Lord's Day I look forward to preaching from the verses that are the climactic conclusion of Paul's flow of thought in Romans 9 - 11 in which He makes the claim that, even in light of Israel's unbelief, the Word of God has not failed. In other words, God is doing what He as always purposed to do. The Gentile pagan heritage is no obstacle to God in redeeming Gentiles for Himself. The unbelief of the majority of ethnic Israel is no obstacle to God in redeeming all Israel for Himself. God's glory is the goal of all of this . . . any other goal would essentially be idolatry!
In order to prepare for thinking deeply about what God is telling us in Romans 11:26-32, consider the importance of the phrase, "as it is written." Paul is claiming correspondence between his explanation of the mystery of Israel's unbelief/Gentile salvation/Israel's salvation and the God-inspired prophetic Scripture. He cites Isaiah 59:20-21 with a likely allusion to Isaiah 27:9 and Jeremiah 31:31-40. He certainly references the New Covenant in his citation of OT Scripture, and it thus behooves us to look to what has been written about the New Covenant in the OT. That is Paul's point in his entire flow of logic in Romans 9 - 11: that what is happening has already been purposed by God and has already been proclaimed by God's prophets! So it is in keeping with the pattern of this section of Romans, even the entire book of Romans (and for that matter, Paul's ministry pattern in general) to consult the Law, Prophets, and Writings (OT) to see what God has said. Also, read Acts 3:19-21 and note that Peter, speaking to the "men of Israel" also claimed that what was happening was perfectly in accord with what has been written in the OT. So, in preparation, read New Covenant passages from the OT (some of these passages do not contain the word covenant, but they clearly contain New Covenant promises when compared with Jeremiah 31:31-40): Deut 30:1-6; Ezekiel 11:14-21; 36; 37; Jer 32:36-44; 33:1-26. What are the details? What does God say He is going to do? What does it mean for Paul to claim that God will save all Israel, "as it is written?"
At the end of the passage, verse 32 at least gives a partial yet essential answer to the question of evil! Why did God create angels/people that He knew would rebel against Him? "For God has consigned all to disobedience, that He may have mercy on all (all here cannot possibly mean every individual, but instead means both Jews and Gentiles)" (Romans 11:32). "That He may have mercy on all!" Everything in the history of Israel and the Gentile nations has been for the purpose "that He may have mercy on all!" 
As we prepare for worship and fellowship, let us make sure that our hearts are clear toward the Lord and toward one another. If you need to go to a brother or sister to get something cleared up, do so for the glory of God. It is a tremendous victory for us as God's people when that happens. I can say with a clear conscience that I love God and I love all of you. I make mistakes, but that doesn't change the fact that I love God and I love all of you! Let's love God and one another! Since this is God's will, that means that we are the only obstacles that would prevent this from happening. May the Lord draw us irresistibly into love for Him and one another! Soli Deo Gloria!
Sword School this week is over questions 72 and 73.
Soli Deo Gloria!

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We have big plans for this coming Lord's Day! Classes beginning and our Labor Day weekend BBQ--great opportunities for fellowship around the Truth of God's Word.
The Fundamentals of the Faith class will start this coming Sunday, Sept 6 at 9:15 am. We have books for the study, and are asking for $10 from each student for the cost of the book. But please don't let that stop you from taking the class! Michael Klos is leading this study of basic Bible doctrine, and Collin Day and I will be substitutes. This first meeting will be an Introduction to the study, and then the next week will start on the first lesson in the book. I encourage all adults and youth to go through this study.
This coming Sunday, we will have TrueLife.org cards for you. These cards have DRBC info on one side, and TrueLife.org in the other side. They are great for using as invitation cards to DRBC, and the website has lots of videos that answer common questions that often arise from non-Christians regarding Christianity. We have used these before, and I think they will once again help us as we strive to boldly make the gospel clear!
For the younger kids, we will offer classes using the Generations of Grace curriculum. Hope Waldrop and Jennee Klos will be leading.
The DRBC Labor Day weekend celebration will be on Sunday at 4:30 pm at Highland Park in Washington. Information for this event can be found by clicking here. I look forward to this time of fellowship at the park.
For the youth, the Connect 180 fellowship will be at 6:30 pm at the Narrows. So, you can get in on the fun at the park, and then head over for further fellowship at the Narrows Church!
DRBC Offering Report (thank you, Amanda Taylor!):
August 30
Designated:  60 (tshirts), 20 (books)
Undesignated: 1899.16
Total: 1979.16
Total Designated in August:      290.00
Total Undesignated in August: 9498.91
Total: 9788.91
Weekly Undesignated Receipts needed for 2015 Budget:               $1748.94
Monthly Undesignated Receipts needed for 2015 DRBC Budget:  $7875.74
Soli Deo Gloria!
This coming Lord's Day, we are scheduled to finish the first passage of Romans 11, looking especially at verses 2-10. It is important to keep in mind that ultimately, the question in our passage related to Israel's current unbelief, is most important because of the implications on the character of God. If God has foreknown Israel (and He has--Rom 11:2; Amos 3:2), and they (the vast majority of them) have rejected the Messiah, how do we reconcile that with God's sovereignty, particularly related to our security? In Romans 9-11, Paul is explaining how Israel's current unbelief is not inconsistent with God's purposes in His creation. If Israel's unbelief were to prove permanent, then there would indeed by an irreconcilable problem, because God has promised in the Abrahamic, Davidic, and New Covenants that He would save Israel.
To help remember the big picture of Paul's flow of thought/logic in Romans 9-11, I am including the 7 main arguments here as summarized by James Montgomery Boice in his commentary on Romans, pages 1288-9. He was the long-time pastor at 10th Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA.:
God's historical purpose toward the Jewish nation has not failed, because . . . 
1. All whom God has elected to salvation are or will be saved (Rom 9:6-24).
2. God had previously revealed that not all Israel would be saved and that some Gentiles would be (9:25-29).
3. The failure of the Jews to believe was their own fault, not God's (9:30-10:21).
4. Some Jews (Paul himself was an example) have believed and have been saved (11:1).
5. It has always been the case that even in the worst of times, a remnant has been saved (11:2-10).
6. The salvation of the Gentiles, which is now occurring, is meant to arouse Israel to envy and thus be the means of saving some of them (11:11-24).
7. In the end all Israel will be saved, and thus God will fulfill His promises to Israel nationally (11:25-32).
It may help to read again some New Covenant passages from the OT books: Deut 30:5-6; Jer 31:31-40; 32:26-44; Ez 36:22-38; and also Hosea 3:4-5, and Zechariah 8:20-23; 14:1-21.
Israel cannot continue in unbelief, because God has chosen them for salvation and to be a witness to the world of His glory! According to Rom 11, that is still future, but also certain!
Sword School this week will be over questions 67, 68, and 69.
Soli Deo Gloria!

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Isn't it a blessing to know that our salvation is secure, amidst all of the cultural upheaval that is occurring around us! Preaching through the book of Romans is proving to be a powerful encouragement to me, and I hope to all of the DRBC congregation as well! I look forward to this coming Lord's Day and Romans 11:2-10.
We have scheduled a business meeting this coming Sunday at the end of the service. However, depending on the member prospects' work schedule, they may not be with us this coming Sunday. If that's the case, we can postpone that business, and the rest can be handled via email or at the next meeting. 
Please be in prayer as we work with sister churches in the CCBA, particularly FSBC, St. George, in reaching other communities that have no gospel witness. We have the opportunity to help in establishing a Bible study in the Dammeron Valley community. Collin Day is set to lead the study, and we need to pray that the Lord will send workers into the harvest (Luke 10:2). May we be workers for the harvest!
I encourage all of our congregation to sign up for and go through the Fundamentals of the Faith Bible study which will begin meeting on Sundays at 9:15 very soon. We need you to sign up so we know how many books to order. The books are $10 and change, but we are asking each person to give $5 for the book if possible, with DRBC paying for the rest. We budgeted $300 this year for Bible study materials, so if we each pay $5 (or $10 would be great!), that would help avoid depleting this budget line for the year. So, please sign the list on the table by the door if you are able to go through this study on fundamental Christian doctrine. Michael Klos is scheduled to teach the course, and I will serve as his assistant/substitute, along with Collin Day.
Remember the September 4 movie night, 7 pm at the Pineview Stadium 10 theaters. The movie will be War Room and is about prayer. FSBC St. George has invited us to participate. We will have the entire theater booked for participating churches. The cost is $10. I plan to go, but have not seen the movie. Let's be sure to watch it and evaluate the message by the standard of God's Word.
Please be in prayer for our youth musicians, as they will be involved in a Youth Rally on September 19. Tami Walker is providing leadership for them as they prepare. May the Lord be glorified.
DRBC Offering Report 
DRBC Receipts for August 2, 2015:   $2,834.25
Weekly Undesignated Receipts needed for 2015 Budget:               $1748.94
Monthly Undesignated Receipts needed for 2015 DRBC Budget:  $7875.74
Soli Deo Gloria

As we move into the weekend, let's remember to pray for the Sullivan family as the Memorial Service for John's mother, Carol, is scheduled for Saturday, August 1 at 11 am. May the Lord grant grace and comfort to this family.

The sermon text is scheduled to be Romans 11:1-10, in which Paul points to the remnant of believing Israel according to God's grace. Consider how every believer is an exhibit or trophy of God's grace. Consider the status of Israel as "His people" (Rom 11:1) and how that is possible only by the grace of God. Consider the impossibility of Israel (even Israel with all of their advantages) or anyone earning salvation and status as the people of God since only "the elect obtained it, but the rest were hardened" (Rom 11:7). Consider God's electing grace as the only possible rescue from being hardened through sin and the judgment of God. Consider the breathtaking consistency of the redemptive plan of God from the creation of Adam and Eve until now as Paul quotes from the Old Testament books. The gospel of grace has been the only possible salvation for sinners since the fall of Man in the Garden of Eden! Thank God for His grace!
Sword School questions this week are 65-66 and cover the 10th Commandment.
May the Lord be glorified as we plan to meet together for worship!

Soli Deo Gloria!

It is great to know that "Our God is in the heavens; He does all that He pleases" (Psalm 115:3)! He directs everything toward His purposes, which include the ultimate good of His people. Praise the Lord!
Remember to be praying for the Sullivan family in the loss of John's mother, Carol. There is a memorial service for her this Saturday at 11 am at the DRBC building. We want to love on and support this family. What a blessing to know that we serve the God of all comfort (2 Cor 1:3).
On August 9, we will have a brief DRBC business meeting starting about 10 minutes after the worship service. This will give us the opportunity to introduce some membership candidates as well as to inform you of childcare and wedding/facilities use policies in light of the recent Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex "marriage." Of course, DRBC is committed to the standard of marriage as revealed in the Bible. 
The Connect 180 Youth Fellowship will meet this Sunday at 6:30 pm at First Southern Baptist Church of Hurricane. This is a great opportunity for our youth to have fellowship around the truth of the gospel.
Sword School this week is over questions 65 and 66.
DRBC Finance Report (compiled by Amanda Taylor--thank you, Amanda!):
Receipts in July
July 5
Designated: 1400 (FBC Keller, TX) 
Undesignated: 2781.73
Total: 4181.73

July 12
Designated: 0
Undesignated: 1201.00
Total: 1201.00

July 19
Designated: 0
Undesignated: 1469.00
Total: 1469.00
July 26
Designated: 0
Undesignated: 1445.77
Total: 1445.77
Total Designated:  1400 

Total Undesignated: 2781.73 + 1201 + 1469 + 1445.77 = 6897.50
Total: 8297.50
7% of Undesignated to UISBC :6897.50 x .07 = 482.83

4% of Undesignated to Color Country: 6897.50  x .04 =  275.90
Monthly Undesignated Receipts needed for 2015 DRBC Budget:  $7875.74
The Lord has been faithful to provide everything needed for the establishment of DRBC. Let us be faithful in our giving so that ministry that glorifies God and blesses His people will continue until the Lord Jesus comes back!

Soli Deo Gloria!

As we move toward the weekend and the Lord's Day, let us set our hearts and minds on the glory of God in each moment so that our corporate worship meeting is a celebration of the greatness and grace of God, especially in light of the gospel and the Great Commission. Also, let us thank God for fellowship with brothers and sisters, as we express our love for the D'Anella family at the fellowship after the service. It is bittersweet, as they move away, but their friendship and fellowship is a blessing, and for that, we thank God.
The passage from God's Word for Sunday's sermon is scheduled to be Romans 10:14-21. In preparation, read back over Romans 9 and through chapter 10 (and even through chapter 11). Worship God for His Sovereignty and His Grace in salvation. Relentlessly affirm that no works, religious ceremonies, or ethical behavior can ever be sufficient to be counted righteous by God--except the perfect righteousness displayed in the Person and Work of our Savior, the Lord Jesus! Note how often the words related to preaching, hearing, and believing a message (the gospel; the good news) occur. Since no fallen, sinful human can be achieve righteousness according to God's standard, our message to the world is not, "Behave!" Because the Lord Jesus is perfect in righteousness and has objectively accomplished and demonstrated the righteousness of God, both in His serving as our perfect substitutionary sacrifice and propitiation that satisfies God's righteous wrath against our sin (Rom 3:21-26), and in His perfect fulfillment of the Law (Matt 5:17), our message is about His Person and Work! We tell people about Jesus, because He alone is the Way of Salvation. He alone has paid the penalty for sin, and He alone has accomplished the righteousness that is applied to God's people, making them fit for glory!
This passage describes what missions and evangelism looks like. It is the proclamation of a message: the gospel. Let us devote ourselves to making the gospel clear!
The context of Romans 9 - 11 makes it absolutely clear that no one will be moral and religious enough to earn God's favor. If unbelieving Israel with all of their advantages, described as having a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge, has not obtained the righteousness of God, there is no one who will. Therefore, let us preach the gospel. We are not all pastors, but we all should be preachers of the gospel. Let us send. Let us trust that God is calling His people according to His purpose of Election and Grace! Praise the Lord!
Soli Deo Gloria!
I was encouraged by our meetings on this past Lord's Day. Collin Day's ministry of the Word from 1 Corinthians 8 was a timely message for us. And what a blessing to welcome as DRBC members Collin and Kallie Day and Cindy Voorhis! God's provision for us financially as reflected in the brief finance report was also a reason for encouragement. I pray that our Lord will continue to work in our hearts, knitting us together in fellowship around the Truth of the Gospel. May everything that we do be done out of love for God and love for our neighbors!
We are still working for a start date for the Fundamentals of the Faith study during the 9:15 am hour on Sunday mornings. We will have a sign up for the class this coming Sunday so we will know how many books to order. I encourage all of our adults and youth to sign up and go through the class. Michael Klos will be leading the class, and I will be his substitute/assistant.
On September 4, we have been invited to attend a "Christian Movie Night" for a private showing of "War Room," a movie from a Christian perspective about prayer. The movie will be shown at the Pineview Stadium 10 located at 2376 Red Cliffs Dr, St George, UT 84790, beginning at 7 pm. First Southern Baptist Church, St. George has arranged for this opportunity. The movie is rated PG, and there are some people that appear in the movie who hold to views that I disagree with, so be aware that just because this is a "Christian" movie doesn't mean we can just take it in without discernment and I am not officially endorsing the movie. Yet, it is an opportunity to consider prayer, and I plan to take my family. The cost is $10 each. You can pay the night of the event, but let me know if you plan to attend by August 20.
DRBC Offering Report
Receipts on July 19, 2015  ..............................................  $1469.50
Weekly Undesignated Receipts needed for 2015 Budget ......  $1748.94
Sword School for July 26, 2015 will be over questions 63 and 64.
Soli Deo Gloria!
This week, our sermon text will focus on Christ as the end of the Law for righteousness. In preparation, read Romans 10:4-13. Note that Paul argues that the Messiah, Jesus, has always been the way of salvation. He cites Moses from Deuteronomy 30:12,13. In order to understand Paul's quotation in Rom 10:6, read all of Deuteronomy 30. Ask yourself which of the commands is the most fundamental in this passage. Does God promise to do anything that will bring about Israel's obedience? How does that fit with the idea of God's election of sinners to salvation, a major theme of Romans 9 - 11?
If we are to go back to Moses and find God's plan of salvation there, what are the implications for how Jews and Gentiles can be saved? Is there a different kind of salvation for each group? Or is it the same? What promises do you celebrate in Rom 10:9-13?
As noted in the previous post, this week we plan to celebrate the Lord's Supper. So, contemplate Christ as the end of the Law for righteousness. Do you see how his death represents the end of the Law as a substitute for His people, sinners who deserve the wrath of God? Do you see how His death completes the sentence of God's justice? Do you see how His perfect life completes and fulfills the perfect Law of God? Celebrate the fact that God declares every born again believer to be righteous on the basis of Christ's righteousness. He truly is "the end of the Law for righteousness to everyone who believes" (Romans 10:4)! We will partake of this Supper as a people, a congregation, a body of redeemed sinners who are transformed into an assembly who exist for God's glory! Therefore, consider how we ought to treat one another. Consider how we ought to think of each other, and speak to each other. Is there anything in your attitude/words/behavior that goes against God's purpose for His people? Are you pursuing obedience to God for His glory?
Sword Schoolers, this week's questions are numbers 59-60. You can find the questions here.
I look forward to the fellowship of our worship together! Soli Deo Gloria!