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I am looking forward to our worship together as we celebrate the glory of God in praise, in the reading and proclamation of the Word, in giving, in prayer, in fellowship!
As you anticipate the Lord's Day, I encourage you to read Romans 8:28-30. This passage describes the process of sanctification from its beginning in eternity past to its completion in eternity, yet future. Note the connection between the Holy Spirit's intercession for the believer and the promise that all things work together to make the believer more like Jesus! This means that all things, i.e., all the circumstances of life, are used by God in our lives according to the prayer of Spirit praying with us and for us! Note that "good" is defined as being conformed to the image of God's Son--not pleasant experiences in this life. Note that God's plan for believers has been set from eternity past and is so sure that God can refer to our future glorification in past tense! Our God is sovereign!
Also, remember that Sword School this week is #s 32-33. Sword Schoolers should work to memorize a verse that goes along with the questions and answers. Here they are . . . 
32. What does every sin deserve? The anger and judgment of God.
(Deuteronomy 27:26; Romans 1:18; 2:2; Galatians 3:10; Ephesians 5:6).
33. Do we know what God requires of us?
Yes. He has given us his law both in our hearts and in writing.
(Romans 2:14-15)
Soli Deo Gloria!

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I praise the Lord for the Truth of His Word! The Truth contained in Romans 8 is extremely encouraging. It is a great comfort to me that the Holy Spirit prays with me and for me! Thank you, Lord. I plan to preach from Romans 8:28-30 next Sunday, Lord willing, and we will see how the Spirit's intercession relates to all the things that happen in our lives.
Info/Reminders . . . 
We want pics for the DRBC Directory. Michael Klos is in charge of that. See him for your church directory picture.
This past Lord's Day, our offering was $1757. 
Relay for Life is this Friday-Saturday. For info, contact Hope or Julie.
This week's Sword School will cover questions, 32-33.
We have a baby shower scheduled for Whitley Wilson (and Zack, and more importantly, for Matthew)! It's set for Saturday, May 2, at 2 pm. Thank you, Lord, for church growth!
This coming Lord's Day, April 26th, we will have a special meeting at 9:30 am in main meeting room, in which the Waldrop family will model a family worship time. So, every household is welcome to participate, from 1 to however many! We will try to simply do what we do when we have family worship in our home. This will take about 15-20 minutes. After that, we will have a discussion time.
Let's love one another. Let's serve one another. Let's pray for one another. 
Soli Deo Gloria!

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It is an exciting time at DRBC! The announcement that David Bernstein is now under consideration for Eldership represents many hours of research, work, prayer, along with serious, probing discussion between David and myself. I am convinced that the Lord is pleased with this step. The members of DRBC now have the opportunity to affirm this decision as pleasing to God, or to reject it as in error. DRBC members can expect an email soon with some encouragement and instruction regarding the weighty responsibility invested in them to seek God's will in this matter. Soli Deo Gloria!
We are also moving forward in other ways. I have asked several folks to provide leadership in specific areas within our church . . . 
Music--Will Rhoden
Tellers--Greg Cardwell
Ushers--Jimmy D'Anella
Building clean-up/maintenance--Joseph Howson
Others coming soon.
This coming Lord's Day, Michael Klos is planning to have camera in hand for pics for our church directory. The directory has been worked on by several folks, and is close to completion. If you haven't submitted contact info for the directory and you want to be included, please submit that to Michael K. And come ready for a picture!
In an effort to keep everyone informed on the finances of the church, I plan to begin including in these emails an offering report from the previous Sunday. So far in April, our offering receipts:
April 5   $7488.62 (includes our last $2500 check from NAMB support; and $1400 from FBC Keller)
April 12 $1285.00
Relay for Life is coming up April 24-25. Contact Hope Waldrop or Julie D'Anella for more info.
Life Concerts are coming up in St. George on April 21 and 29. Click here for information. Info flyers are available at the church building or you can talk to JP and Sue Solstad for more info.
Please be praying for Collin Day as he will be in town next Thursday and Friday looking for a place for he and Callie to live when they get to St. George in July. They are getting married in June, going on their honeymoon, and then moving here where Collin will serve as a ministry intern with the CCBA from FBC Keller, TX for at least 6 months. Also, pray for Callie, as she has an interview with Dixie Regional Hospital for a possible residency here. May the Lord's will be done!
Stand by for more info about classes offered during the hour before our worship service on Sundays.
Finally, I've taken my cell phone into the store a couple of times, because I think I may have missed some calls and text messages. If you have texted me or left me a message and have not heard from me, then please try again, or better yet, email me and let me know. Thanks.
Soli Deo Gloria!
In Christ,
Michael W.

Key thoughts on Titus 1 . . .

1. Paul's Identity: servant/slave of God; apostle of Jesus Christ (vs 1a)

2. Paul's Task: evangelism, edification, encouragment (vss 1b-3)

3. Titus: Paul's true spiritual son; at work in the field--Crete (4)

4. Priority Need for Titus: Elders in every town/place


5. Qualification of Elders (5-9; also see 1 Timothy 3:1-7). Note the interchangeable use of the word "overseer" with "elder" in verse 7. The terms "pastor," bishop," and "elder" all refer to the same office, each emphasizing a different aspect of leadership. Verses 6-8 focus on his character; verse 9 focuses on what he must be able to do.

6. The Need for Elders, So Qualified (10-16). Many false teachers who must be silenced by the instruction and correction of the sound doctrine of the Word of God (10-11). Note that faithful ministry as elders will lead to opposition of the enemies of God (circumcision party, Judaizers, legalists, prevailing cultural context, those attracted to Jewish myths and commands of men). Note also the gospel implications of verses 15-16: the issue is whether or not sinners have had their hearts changed by the truth of the gospel! Works can never earn salvation, but they can certainly expose those who have never been saved.


Application Questions . . . 

1. Paul's first instruction to Titus in the body of his letter is to establish elders in every place. What does this imply about the importance of solid leadership? 

2. Does your regard for solid leadership reflect this priority? 

3. According to the list of qualifications in vss 5-9, is the priority in the selection of elders on character and faithfulness or popularity and personality? 

4. How do you reflect this biblical priority in the way you interact with elders and leaders? 

5. Should an elder expect that sound doctrine will bring about conflict and contrast? 

6. If we note that a particular culture is full of sinners and characterized by sinful behavior, do we have the right to be prejudiced against the people of that culture? 

7. Can a sinner (defiled and unbelieving) earn his way into God's favor through good works? 

8. Is a redeemed sinner regarded as pure on the basis of the purity of his works? 


DRBC Small groups meet regularly. These groups are excellent sources for conversation about these issues and more. All are invited to participate. Contact DRBC for info.

Soli Deo Gloria!

As we consider the Resurrection of Christ, and the promise of the resurrection of all who are His, here are key points from 1 Corinthians 15:50-58, the sermon text from this past Lord's Day:
Key Points Related to God's Promise that "we shall all be changed" . . . 
1. Necessity--We must be changed (50, 53, 56). We are not currently fit for glory.
2. Scope--We must all be be changed, whether we are living or dead at the last trumpet (51-52).
3. Result--The fact that all of God's people will be changed has robbed death of its power (54-56).
4. Means--The glorious change is by way of the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ (57).
5. Response--Therefore, let's live out our victory now in service to the Lord (58).
Application Questions 
1. What is the implication for Christ's people that His resurrection is characterized as "firstfruits" in vss 20, 23? 
2. As followers of Christ, we should be the most moral, ethical people on earth. Is our improved behavior in this life the ultimate goal in the redemptive work of Christ? 
3. How is the aging process a grace shown to us by God? 
4. How has death lost its victory and its sting in light of the truth that we shall all be changed whether we are alive or dead when Christ returns?.
5. Would an observer of your life characterize you as "always abounding in the work of the Lord?"
Remember that the small groups are a great opportunity for fellowship and discussion about this and other relevant topics for followers of Christ!
Soli Deo Gloria!