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As we move into the weekend, let's remember to pray for the Sullivan family as the Memorial Service for John's mother, Carol, is scheduled for Saturday, August 1 at 11 am. May the Lord grant grace and comfort to this family.

The sermon text is scheduled to be Romans 11:1-10, in which Paul points to the remnant of believing Israel according to God's grace. Consider how every believer is an exhibit or trophy of God's grace. Consider the status of Israel as "His people" (Rom 11:1) and how that is possible only by the grace of God. Consider the impossibility of Israel (even Israel with all of their advantages) or anyone earning salvation and status as the people of God since only "the elect obtained it, but the rest were hardened" (Rom 11:7). Consider God's electing grace as the only possible rescue from being hardened through sin and the judgment of God. Consider the breathtaking consistency of the redemptive plan of God from the creation of Adam and Eve until now as Paul quotes from the Old Testament books. The gospel of grace has been the only possible salvation for sinners since the fall of Man in the Garden of Eden! Thank God for His grace!
Sword School questions this week are 65-66 and cover the 10th Commandment.
May the Lord be glorified as we plan to meet together for worship!

Soli Deo Gloria!

It is great to know that "Our God is in the heavens; He does all that He pleases" (Psalm 115:3)! He directs everything toward His purposes, which include the ultimate good of His people. Praise the Lord!
Remember to be praying for the Sullivan family in the loss of John's mother, Carol. There is a memorial service for her this Saturday at 11 am at the DRBC building. We want to love on and support this family. What a blessing to know that we serve the God of all comfort (2 Cor 1:3).
On August 9, we will have a brief DRBC business meeting starting about 10 minutes after the worship service. This will give us the opportunity to introduce some membership candidates as well as to inform you of childcare and wedding/facilities use policies in light of the recent Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex "marriage." Of course, DRBC is committed to the standard of marriage as revealed in the Bible. 
The Connect 180 Youth Fellowship will meet this Sunday at 6:30 pm at First Southern Baptist Church of Hurricane. This is a great opportunity for our youth to have fellowship around the truth of the gospel.
Sword School this week is over questions 65 and 66.
DRBC Finance Report (compiled by Amanda Taylor--thank you, Amanda!):
Receipts in July
July 5
Designated: 1400 (FBC Keller, TX) 
Undesignated: 2781.73
Total: 4181.73

July 12
Designated: 0
Undesignated: 1201.00
Total: 1201.00

July 19
Designated: 0
Undesignated: 1469.00
Total: 1469.00
July 26
Designated: 0
Undesignated: 1445.77
Total: 1445.77
Total Designated:  1400 

Total Undesignated: 2781.73 + 1201 + 1469 + 1445.77 = 6897.50
Total: 8297.50
7% of Undesignated to UISBC :6897.50 x .07 = 482.83

4% of Undesignated to Color Country: 6897.50  x .04 =  275.90
Monthly Undesignated Receipts needed for 2015 DRBC Budget:  $7875.74
The Lord has been faithful to provide everything needed for the establishment of DRBC. Let us be faithful in our giving so that ministry that glorifies God and blesses His people will continue until the Lord Jesus comes back!

Soli Deo Gloria!

As we move toward the weekend and the Lord's Day, let us set our hearts and minds on the glory of God in each moment so that our corporate worship meeting is a celebration of the greatness and grace of God, especially in light of the gospel and the Great Commission. Also, let us thank God for fellowship with brothers and sisters, as we express our love for the D'Anella family at the fellowship after the service. It is bittersweet, as they move away, but their friendship and fellowship is a blessing, and for that, we thank God.
The passage from God's Word for Sunday's sermon is scheduled to be Romans 10:14-21. In preparation, read back over Romans 9 and through chapter 10 (and even through chapter 11). Worship God for His Sovereignty and His Grace in salvation. Relentlessly affirm that no works, religious ceremonies, or ethical behavior can ever be sufficient to be counted righteous by God--except the perfect righteousness displayed in the Person and Work of our Savior, the Lord Jesus! Note how often the words related to preaching, hearing, and believing a message (the gospel; the good news) occur. Since no fallen, sinful human can be achieve righteousness according to God's standard, our message to the world is not, "Behave!" Because the Lord Jesus is perfect in righteousness and has objectively accomplished and demonstrated the righteousness of God, both in His serving as our perfect substitutionary sacrifice and propitiation that satisfies God's righteous wrath against our sin (Rom 3:21-26), and in His perfect fulfillment of the Law (Matt 5:17), our message is about His Person and Work! We tell people about Jesus, because He alone is the Way of Salvation. He alone has paid the penalty for sin, and He alone has accomplished the righteousness that is applied to God's people, making them fit for glory!
This passage describes what missions and evangelism looks like. It is the proclamation of a message: the gospel. Let us devote ourselves to making the gospel clear!
The context of Romans 9 - 11 makes it absolutely clear that no one will be moral and religious enough to earn God's favor. If unbelieving Israel with all of their advantages, described as having a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge, has not obtained the righteousness of God, there is no one who will. Therefore, let us preach the gospel. We are not all pastors, but we all should be preachers of the gospel. Let us send. Let us trust that God is calling His people according to His purpose of Election and Grace! Praise the Lord!
Soli Deo Gloria!
I was encouraged by our meetings on this past Lord's Day. Collin Day's ministry of the Word from 1 Corinthians 8 was a timely message for us. And what a blessing to welcome as DRBC members Collin and Kallie Day and Cindy Voorhis! God's provision for us financially as reflected in the brief finance report was also a reason for encouragement. I pray that our Lord will continue to work in our hearts, knitting us together in fellowship around the Truth of the Gospel. May everything that we do be done out of love for God and love for our neighbors!
We are still working for a start date for the Fundamentals of the Faith study during the 9:15 am hour on Sunday mornings. We will have a sign up for the class this coming Sunday so we will know how many books to order. I encourage all of our adults and youth to sign up and go through the class. Michael Klos will be leading the class, and I will be his substitute/assistant.
On September 4, we have been invited to attend a "Christian Movie Night" for a private showing of "War Room," a movie from a Christian perspective about prayer. The movie will be shown at the Pineview Stadium 10 located at 2376 Red Cliffs Dr, St George, UT 84790, beginning at 7 pm. First Southern Baptist Church, St. George has arranged for this opportunity. The movie is rated PG, and there are some people that appear in the movie who hold to views that I disagree with, so be aware that just because this is a "Christian" movie doesn't mean we can just take it in without discernment and I am not officially endorsing the movie. Yet, it is an opportunity to consider prayer, and I plan to take my family. The cost is $10 each. You can pay the night of the event, but let me know if you plan to attend by August 20.
DRBC Offering Report
Receipts on July 19, 2015  ..............................................  $1469.50
Weekly Undesignated Receipts needed for 2015 Budget ......  $1748.94
Sword School for July 26, 2015 will be over questions 63 and 64.
Soli Deo Gloria!
This week, our sermon text will focus on Christ as the end of the Law for righteousness. In preparation, read Romans 10:4-13. Note that Paul argues that the Messiah, Jesus, has always been the way of salvation. He cites Moses from Deuteronomy 30:12,13. In order to understand Paul's quotation in Rom 10:6, read all of Deuteronomy 30. Ask yourself which of the commands is the most fundamental in this passage. Does God promise to do anything that will bring about Israel's obedience? How does that fit with the idea of God's election of sinners to salvation, a major theme of Romans 9 - 11?
If we are to go back to Moses and find God's plan of salvation there, what are the implications for how Jews and Gentiles can be saved? Is there a different kind of salvation for each group? Or is it the same? What promises do you celebrate in Rom 10:9-13?
As noted in the previous post, this week we plan to celebrate the Lord's Supper. So, contemplate Christ as the end of the Law for righteousness. Do you see how his death represents the end of the Law as a substitute for His people, sinners who deserve the wrath of God? Do you see how His death completes the sentence of God's justice? Do you see how His perfect life completes and fulfills the perfect Law of God? Celebrate the fact that God declares every born again believer to be righteous on the basis of Christ's righteousness. He truly is "the end of the Law for righteousness to everyone who believes" (Romans 10:4)! We will partake of this Supper as a people, a congregation, a body of redeemed sinners who are transformed into an assembly who exist for God's glory! Therefore, consider how we ought to treat one another. Consider how we ought to think of each other, and speak to each other. Is there anything in your attitude/words/behavior that goes against God's purpose for His people? Are you pursuing obedience to God for His glory?
Sword Schoolers, this week's questions are numbers 59-60. You can find the questions here.
I look forward to the fellowship of our worship together! Soli Deo Gloria!